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Functional Fitness Classes

includes: full access to THE Gym and unlimited group training classes a month with highly skilled and certified coaches.

man with heart-rate tracker exercising in gym
Boot Camp

Get your first session FREE!

Three times a week & for the next four weeks, let us design and implement a program for you to jump start your fitness goals.

6 person group classes are led by our fitness instructors training you with variety, balance and intensity so that you will feel more energized, increase fitness levels, never feel bored or get injured! Most importantly, you will learn the basics of exercise. You will be joining a group of individuals all looking to work together and start their fitness journey. Are you ready?

Personal Training Sessions

  • get your first session FREE
  • any package includes reduced general membership
  • prior to purchase of sessions, trainers and managers offer 1 free consultation which includes comprehensive detail about nutrition, exercise and anatomy, setting goals with client, 20 minute sample workout/stretch specific to goals and debriefing. (Does not apply to promotional* beginners package)
  • Sessions for THE GYMs fully licensed, experienced and highly educated on-site