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Get back on track!

Fallen off your fitness or nutrition routine? We are here for you! Discover our new facility and elite trainers to help you reach your goals.

    What does a Consultation look like?

    Everyone is unique, from the musculoskeletal structure to eating habits and work/life schedules. And since everyone is different, there shouldn’t be general programs for fitness and you shouldn’t undergo a fitness consultation that feels scripted or cookie-cutter. From the initial assessment, we consider your health history, previous experiences with training and nutrition habits to help make things very special and personal.

    Shortly after, you will receive a customized action plan based on your goals, needs and time frame. 

    Some things to expect during the first session and consultation with personal training:

    • Rapport building: we want to simply get to know one another, building trust and creating a plan that works for you 
    • Following that, a series of questions regarding your health, history of health, exercise habits, nutrition and daily activities of living will help determine what to expect in the future sessions.
    • As we go through these questions, we teach you all that we know about fitness, exercise form, health and nutrition.
    • Then we take your measurements, before pictures (if consent is given) and calculate a few things for you such as your heart rate, V02max, blood pressure, body fat
    • Once it’s all documented, we like to see your body move and provide an in depth  movement assessment and check your physical conditioning.
    • If there aren’t any previous injuries or pains and everything else checks out we like to move forward with a light warm up and mobility session to loosen you up, activate the right muscles and check your functional movements  such as your hinge, squat, push, pull, core , twist and gait pattern (walking).
    • Finally, we chat more about how you would like to proceed and book you in for your first session towards achieving your goals!

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    Why train with us?

    Meet the Trainers


    The Best One in Markham!Brand New Equipments and Professional Trainers,Friendly Staffs, Wonderful Training surroundings and atmosphere.

    Phoebe Wong

    Convenient location, and so much better than the other corporate gyms in the area! Wide selection of equipment, juice bar – all in all, an amazing place to train!

    Nusrad G

    Great spot to put in work and have some fun. Team keeps you really engaged. Very clean with lots of natural light.

    Kar yen Lee

    Since I’ve been going to the cross fit training my husband and myself have seen results and lets just say I’m seeing major gains in the gluteal region 😉 and at the same time noticing a flatter tummy, toned arms and legs. Something that sets this gym apart is not only that they have great staff, both friendly and knowledgable but they also have physiotherapy and RMT which makes the gym an excellent facility as it caters to all matters of your health. And like they say, health is wealth. #takingcareofmefirst

    Peter Michailidis
    A Beautiful premium designed gym great for personal training. The staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are always on hand to make you feel welcomed. There are many highly skilled individuals there to help you reach your goals including various training deciliplines. This gym is never overcrowded allowing you free range to train on quality brand new equipment. It’s like my second home.
    David Cisneros

    I’ve been training with one of their personal trainers (Baku) for about six weeks now and I’m very happy with the decision I made to work with him. Baku is very professional and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences about fitness, nutrition and injury prevention.

    My squat, deadlift and kettle bell swing form have improved greatly, and we have been trying exercises that i didn’t want to try before because I didn’t know how to do properly.

    Thanks to him I’ve improved my muscle definition, reduced body fat and also increased mobility on an ankle injury I got about 4 months ago and that wasn’t healing properly causing me a lot of pain.

    I highly recommend him and their facilities.

    Myshiia Pinney

    It is a pleasure to train here, hands down the best gym I’ve been to! The space is well kept, the equipment is brand new, the change rooms are always clean, the team of personal trainers are resourceful and the staff is very friendly. The best feature is the large window which lets in the natural light. I would highly recommend checking this place out, whether you’re already an avid gym goer or looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. Once you train here, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

    Vivien Tang

    When you first walk in, everything is very neat and tidy. They make sure the changerooms are always clean. The staff greet you when you come in and they greet you when you leave (especially Oscar ❤️)

    The gym is affordable and professional. They’ve got a wide variety of equipment and are only planning on expanding more. They’re always willing to help and assist in any way. Can’t wait to try their drinks from their juice bar menu!

    Tracy Zhu

    Clean and full-featured facility, locker rooms are exquisitely maintained as well. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There is equipment available for virtually any training style. There are also services available such juice bar, physio, and personal training. Generally plays music you can actually work out to. Sometimes the sky looks nice out the window too. Costs less than YMCA and is better in virtually every way

    Elisha Porras

    I have been to multiple gyms and I have to say that this gym has it all! It is aesthetically appealing and the moment you enter the gym you’re greeted by friendly staff who really look after you! If you ever forget your headphones there’s no need to worry, because they play great music to really hype you up throughout your workout.
    In terms of cleanliness, this gym gets a 10/10! And that juice bar is definitely a great addition! I mean how often do you find a juice bar IN the same room you workout in?? It’s great! Take my word for it…it may not be the biggest gym, but it has EVERYTHING you need – including certified trainers for anyone who would like a jump start on their fitness journey 🙂

    Ruth Leung

    This was the first gym I ever joined and I love it because everyone is super friendly and helpful. I’ve tried crossfit and personal training which were both amazing, they also offer partner training if you want to go with a friend!
    The gym equipment is all new and the change rooms are always clean. They also have great hours for before and after work gym sessions.
    Definitely give this place a try if you’re looking into personal training!

    Alannah K

    Clean, well kept gym with a friendly atmosphere. Modern equipment and plenty of natural light. The staff are friendly, well trained and helpful. I’ve really been enjoying the functional fitness classes and would highly recommend them.