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5 Tips To Achieving A Summer Bod In Markham


1) Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can stimulate your digestive system and overall metabolism. Staying hydrated is a natural detox that helps the body cleanse of any harmful toxins and chemicals. Water can also help you shed some pounds as it is calorie free and even suppress your appetite if you drink water before you eat.

2) Workout Regularly

Start by creating a workout schedule that is simple and easy to follow. Doing this will ensure that you are motivated and staying on track. Also, planning your workouts in advance allows you allocate your time and focus your workouts on what you are aiming to achieve. Whether you want to simply tone up or lose some pounds, working out regularly will help you achieve your goals. You should aim to work out 3 to 4 times per week and schedule in 1to 2 rest days.

3) Eat Healthier!

Obtaining the required nutrients and vitamins your body needs is essential for achieving your summer bod in Markham. One method of improving your diet includes meal prepping. This will allow you to plan your meals and prepare them ahead of time. Thus, the next time when you are on the go, you wont be snacking at the closest fast food restaurant. Remember that you should look at this step as a lifestyle change versus a summer diet. Doing so, will provide substantial results that are rewarding in the long term. You can also get your fruit and vegetable servings by making a quick smoothie. Add in a protein powder for additional energy.

4) Increase your daily activity level

Shedding some pounds doesn’t always mean intensely hitting the gym, it should also include simple lifestyle changes. Some examples of this include taking the stairs instead of the escalator or even parking your car a bit further from the mall entrance so you can get in a quick walk. You can monitor your activity levels with an app that tracks your steps or a smartwatch such as a Fitbit.

5) Consistency is Key

It is important to remember that results happen when consistency happens. Remaining consistent with your workouts, eating healthy and all else will gage the best results and have you looking your best this summer.