Ageing and Exercise
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Ageing and Exercise 


As people age chronologically, the physical capabilities of the body gradually start to deteriorate; therefore, associations and direct correlations can be made in regards to ageing and increased physiological limitations – hindering the potential to live a normal life. What these deteriorations in the body lead to are acute and chronic injuries, hospitalizations, a need for physical aids, placement in long term care homes, many avoidable injuries as well as the highly prevalent occurrence of slips and falls for example. However, making good choices in life pertaining to your health can negate and slow down the inevitable clock. Here are some of our tips to live a happier, healthier and overall better life and it does not apply only to seniors:

  1. Consult your GP about exercise and diet – they’re here to help you!
  2. Consult with a trainer during your free assessment to get you an action plan.
  3. MOVE! Find something active you like to do and just do it! Dance, jog, hike, gym, yoga – anything but within your capabilities.
  4. Watch your sugar intake, eat your veggies and and get in your protein. Having a healthy balanced meal with carbs, fats and proteins at least 3 times a day will help you feel better. It will give you energy but make sure it contains various food groups like grains, healthy fats, veggies and omega’s. Micronutrients should be your best friend here; eat wholesome healthy foods.
  5. Sleep – get in your Zzz’s and make sure its a well rested sleep; close the blinds, keep warm and eliminate all noise to recover well.
  6. Stay hydrated! So important to drink water because as we become more stiff and sore more often – water will help you replenish and feel hydrated.
  7. Smile – laugh – kiss – hug and be happy! You’ve lived a long life so far & even if its 20 years or 80 years, take the time to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work and pleasures in life and get ready for more years worth enjoying!