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Different Knee Injuries at The Markham Gym

Different Knee Injuries at The Markham Gym

Not sure if you have a knee injury?
Not sure whether your client suffers from knee issues?

When trying to assess whether a person has a knee injury the best way to identify whether they have it or not is to simply ask about knee injuries. A possible visual indication that a knee injury is apparent swelling, and if knee movement is stiff. The best way to confirm if a knee injury is present, is to perform a physical assessment on knees. Check overall range of motion for knees and if one feels pain during the process. 

Different kinds of injuries to the knee:

MCL(medial collateral ligament) – a partial or complete tear of the ligament in the inner leg 

Possible symptoms of those with an MCL injury are feelings of tenderness within their inner leg, pain in the knee, and feeling like their knee is giving out when they put weight on it. 


Some limitations a person may have when they have a MCL injury are that they lose the stability the medial ligament of the knee provides. They are not able to rotate as well as they previously could and due to the stability losted may have trouble with walking and other physical activities. 

ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) – a partial or complete tear of the most anterior (forward, front) ligament in the knee 

Possible symptoms of an ACL injury are that they feel severe pain in the knee that prohibits them from continuing an activity. They will also have rapid swelling in their knee and might feel a popping sensation. A popping sensation in their knee is another symptom of an ACL injury, as well as instability in their knee from weight bearing activities. 


Those with ACL injuries will have trouble with accelerating when running and directional movements such as pivoting off the foot, twisting, and turning. They will also have trouble with jumping and landing with the knee. 

How can an MCL & ACL injury be fixed?

If a person has a complete tear in their MCL/ACL they will have to undergo surgery to reattach the ligaments; or they will need to reconstruct the ligament through grafting. Higher degrees of partial tears of the ligament will require proper treatment in order for the ligament to heal, things like physical therapy and wearing a knee brace can help. Those with an ACL injury will require more rehabilitation exercises to help recover their lost strength and stability. The most important method for recovery is resting, having enough and proper rest allows the body to heal itself. Also, with minor tears the body can heal itself within a few weeks.  

Patellar tendonitisinflammation of the patellar tendon

Symptoms of patellar tendonitis are feeling pain around the patella tendon, trouble bending the knee, pain with walking, running, jumping, and tenderness behind the kneecap. 


People with this condition have trouble completing actions that require knee flexion and extension. Activities like jumping, running and walking. 

Can patellar tendonitis be fixed?

The condition can be treated through physical therapy by helping stretch and strengthen the damaged tendon. Doing this will also help bring back some of the lost ROM of the knee and will hopefully completely restore it.


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