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How to get mentally and physically ready after some time off from working out


How to get mentally and physically ready after some time off from working out.

Where do we begin?
Gyms have been closed, training has been suspended, couches have been sat on – pretty much. Some of us have neglected training and nutrition for a little too long and the price may have been heavy – an extra 10 lbs heavier maybe – around the mid-section of course. Well fear not, it’s time to strap on those runners, lifting shoes, belts, wrist wraps and invest in a headband (because we still didn’t get a haircut) so that we can kick our own lazy asses back into shape! We have a few more weeks Markham/Scarborough/Toronto. Let’s reclaim our more athletic, pre-covid selves and prepare as fitness clubs open back up.

Here is what we recommend you do over the next few weeks to get mentally and physically ready to workout at The Markham Gym:

1. Set goals: what is your fitness goal? 

  • Lose Fat?
  • Gain muscle?
  • Become stronger, faster, and beat your personal best?
  • Become leaner and more tone?
  • Sport specific training?
  • Geriatric training?
  • Longevity?
  • Become more flexible?
  • Run a marathon?
  • Reduce pain and risk of injury?
  • Breathe better, feel better, fix your posture, and feel more confident?
  • Learn the basic movements of exercise?
  • Enter a fitness contest?
  • Receive nutrition advice?
  • Sleep the best sleeps in your life?
  • Control hunger and fix your diet?
  • Look good for your big wedding day?
  • Be able to run around with your kids?

Whatever it is, set your goal, write it down and…

  1. Create an action plan: You’ve got your goal set. Now its time to find a program suitable to tackle it. If you’re unsure how to, ask/email us – we will be glad to help ( Start running, eat throughout the day and proportionately, have more water, become a healthy eater, pick up some weights and exercise! Wake up earlier if you have “no time”; prioritize training over being “too busy”. Be sure to log your food, workouts and stay on track, remember, you have a few weeks to get right.

    If you need a kick-start, more guidance or motivation – we have trainers waiting to get back into The Markham Gym. Shoot us an email for a free consultation for personal training, group training and memberships!

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