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Red flags in the fitness industry


Red flags in the fitness industry ??

If you’re contemplating a coach or membership – just do it! It’s truly the best investment you can make for yourself – a no brainer! But here are some things to look out for ?


Before I get into it, understand that the fitness industry is very profitable & a very saturated market. There are SO many coaches & advice out there, but do they all work for you ?

You can even google “the best trainer in Toronto” & get hundreds of hits ?

Just be wary, much like the “best trainers”, there are also marketing gurus preaching “secret pills” that you can take ? 

It saddens me sometimes when I get consultations & they tell me about their bad experiences with fitness, coaches & diets. How awful that people take advantage of others $ & their health. BUT IT WILL NEVER STOP ?

So, Instead, I’ll prepare you better because ofcourse you have options. Which gym? What style of Trainer? Maybe online coaching? But which one is the right one for you?


Joining the right gym, & getting the right coach can make all the difference here. But, it might also be a terrible investment to just go with any coach. In my opinion, I reccomend a coach that meets the standards below ?

1️⃣ A coach should have certificates & a place that has insurance ofcourse – your health & safety should be in the hands of  professionals.

2️⃣ A coach who has a track record of success & reviews 

3️⃣ With so much misleading information out there you might find yourself speaking with a trainer that all of a sudden becomes a sales representative pitching that you can lose 30 lbs in 2 months with $$$$ upfront – make sure you do some background check on the trainer, make sure they’re not sketchy and answers your questions with logic.

4️⃣ Don’t follow a coach’s advice about “no carbs, no eating after 6 pm” or strict diets – they’re definitely just YouTube certified.

5️⃣ If training feels like a boot camp class & you’re doing burpees all day – you might as well just do cardio & save your $ & time. Make sure that the coach can not only perform the exercises in proper form but also teach you EVERYTHING & how to sustain! 

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