Why Good Hip Function is Important? | The Markham Gym
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Why Good Hip Function is Important?


The primary function of your hips is to support and carry the weight of your entire body. The hip is the link that connects the legs with the skeletal structure of the pelvis. The hip joints also allow the body to manage the weight of the body in physical movement postures. Whether it is walking, running or playing a sport.

Hip function can be impacted negatively if they are not regularly put to work. For those who work long hours or spend their days on a couch may be at a higher risk of poor hip function. The hip muscles can become weak and tight if they are not regularly exercised.  Poor hip function may also decrease your range of motion as the muscles become weaker.

Manage Pain

Pain from poor hip function may arise when you are sitting for long hours or walking up and down a flight of stairs. Those who may experience pain in their hips may benefit from doing hip exercises. Some of these exercises help reduce the pressure that is places on your hips whilst strengthening the surrounding hip muscles. Some exercises you can do regularly to decrease pain include hip rotators and hip abductors. Studies have proven that hip abductor exercises are highly effective in decreasing pain as the muscles gain strength over time.

Improved Athletic Performance

Athletes require impeccable balance, strength and endurance. However; any injury or pain can hold the athlete back from playing their best. This is why it is important for athletic individuals to have good hip function, as they are consistently being active. Poor hip function can cause imbalance between the dominant muscles. This will ultimately impact the overall performance as any singular issue can trigger other problems creating a chain reaction. Thus, it is important to ensure proper hip function to improve overall athletic performance.

Muscle Activation

Muscles can often become weak and essential “turn off” if they are not active for long periods of time. This can often cause additional stress to the surrounding muscles as they begin to overcompensate for the inactive muscles. To prevent muscles from becoming weak due to inactivity, you should perform various exercises on a daily basis and perhaps visit your local Markham gym. You can use resistance bands around your knees or perform hip abductor exercises to encourage muscle activation.