5 Tips on How to Start Your Fitness Journey as a New Lifter in Markham
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5 Tips on How to Start Your Fitness Journey as a New Lifter in Markham

5 Tips on How to Start Your Fitness Journey as a New Lifter in Markham

Are you a noob lifter? Need to learn the basics of exercise, functional fitness and how to use machines?

Or maybe you are just thinking about losing some weight. Increasing strength and muscle maybe? Improving sleep, mood and flexibility perhaps? 

Most people want to have goals that focus on all of it, changing their lifestyle for the better.

It takes guts and commitment.

What does it take?

Well nowadays, being a beginner at exercise, fitness and nutrition is a lot easier than before. There’s lots of great coaches, gyms and fitness content out there to help. Here at The Markham Gym, we pride ourselves on helping beginners get started and become self-sufficient. The second you are ready, there are local personal trainers here in Markham ready to help you kick start your fitness journey. Online and in person. 

The personal trainers here at The Markham Gym can also help you with nutrition and make simple lifestyle changes that get you the results you want.

It is important to have an idea of what your goals are first. Although a coach may help you with this and refine your goals. Here are some recommendations on how to start your fitness journey with 5 steps:

1. Create a list of your fitness/nutrition/aesthetics goals, for both short and long term.

For example, lose 1 pound a week, lose 20 pounds overall & improve posture.

2. Make sure your fitness goals are S.M.A.R.T.

Specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely.

All of these things need to be considered when starting your journey.

3. Create a workout plan and a nutrition plan that compliments each other. The priority should be in line with your goals.

Put your workouts on paper, schedule it into your calendar and make sure you eat the right stuff!

4. Commit and stay disciplined.

Find a way to stay accountable to yourself. Checking off completed workouts as you go along daily, seeing your short term daily goals come to light, and compound, helps to make the long term goals easier to reach. 

5. Reassess your goals, how far you’ve come and adjust accordingly.

Goals need to change once you get them! You need more goals, and new programs. Dont forget to pat yourself on the back ofcourse.

If you’re looking to create some goals and a detailed, custom action plan, just email us and we will help you with a free consultation! 

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