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Are you on a Diet and need some more help?

Are you on a Diet and need some more help?

To those who’ve been in a diet (calorie deficit) for weeks, & haven’t lost any more weight, you are, by definition, not in a calorie deficit anymore. 

That Google BMR calculator may say that you burn 2500 calories per day but you’re eating less than 2000 per day & the weight has not budged. That’s because BMR calculators tend to be AVERAGES over a large population, and from experience here at The Markham Gym (coaching over 500+ people since 2018) there is a large amount of variability in terms of activity levels and metabolic rate EVEN at the same height and weight. 

So what does one do? 

✅ well if you have been, then continue to log your food intake daily and be more active with proper measurements. Using 1 cup measurements or a food scale to weight the food are  1 tablespoon

✅ Log your morning weigh ins daily. This is important because body weight fluctuates hourly and daily. You need to understand the trends and overtime it should be going the direction you need it to. 

✅ Decrease calorie intake by 100-200 calories until you meet a desirable weight loss weekly. 

✅ Increase activity levels, maybe +5k steps. Overall you could try to get 10-15k steps daily to help. It can be done on cardio machines or outdoors.  

✅ Repeat until sufficiently lean 

🧐 BUT if you look at your intake and energy levels you might want to reconsider driving your calories all the way down to “starvation mode” 

It’s not healthy, not good for energy and definitely not sustainable. So it may just be that time to reverse yourself slowly out of this conundrum. Re introduce calories back into your life +100 extra calories daily every new week while reducing cardio 5-10 minutes less weekly as well. 

🗣️ Forewarning, it GETS MESSY & that’s okay. The numbers may differ from what Bob is losing weight on, but guess what ~ you’re not Bob

This is YOUR journey, not BOB’s 

This is the process I’m using to get down to <10% bodyfat this year, hope it works for you too 

If you’re unsure about how to go about this,

The Markham Gym trainers are always taking on free consultations and fitness assessments.

Here at the Markham Gym we can help you bring you to the best version of yourself through nutrition and fitness coaching from our certified trainers in multiple different fields. Come in and sign up for your free Fitness Consultation where you can find out what type of training can benefit your body the most.

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