Are you looking to increase strength, muscle and energy in Markham? | The Markham Gym
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Are you looking to increase strength, muscle and energy in Markham?

Increase Strength Muscle Energy in Markham

Making strength and muscle gains naturally over the last several years in the gym.

If you want to be big and strong and hovering around 200lbs, we’ll there’s a catch. Here’s the thing, you cannot get to a lean 180 or 200lbs if you NEVER weigh more than 200+ lbs 🤓

Early on in your fitness journey I might avoid gaining weight & for the first few years of training, you might be fixated on getting a pound leaner every week.. 🏃 of course you can lose opportunities to make strength and muscle gains & and this can hold you back FOR SURE.

Don’t make mistakes that so many of us have in the past. These fitness and health blogs are supposed to help you with that 💆‍♂️😅

Here’s what we recommend from The Markham Gym:

Spend more of your time training in a calorie surplus than you spend in a deficit & watch how much better your gains get. Try lean bulking for 8-10 months at a time focusing on 1-2 lbs gain per month, lift heavier weights & use mini 1-2 month cuts to stay leaner. Try to gain 8-20 lbs over 8-10 months for example~

 You know, we can only gain muscle so fast.. so make sure you keep science at the forefront ~ if One pound is 3500 calories. You need to somehow eat that much more in a month to make sure you gain 1 lb for example. I aim for 2 lb to be safe.

 Beat your training logs

Questions like “am I getting stronger?”

“Am I gaining muscle?”

Can all be answered YES if you strive to beat the training log book. You have to be stronger than you were last week, most definitely stronger than last month. More reps, more weight, more sets & time under tension are my favourite ways to beat the log book.

 This takes time

It takes time to fill out your frame.

Don’t compare your year 1-6 progress with someone else’s year 12 progress. Find ways to stay consistent, stay in the game & get 1% better every day.

Apply for coaching at The Markham Gym to get the most out of it. 

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