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Have you heard about Hybrid Training in Markham

Have you heard about Hybrid Training in Markham

The Markham Gym wants to know,

Markham! Have you heard about Hybrid Training? Metcon? Or even CrossFit? 👀

Well what is hybrid training?

Some of our coaches here at The Markham Gym training facility would agree that hybrid training (just a new trending term) is the combination of strength training with Olympic weight lifting, endurance/cardio & “cross training” running, swimming, etc. and altogether. 

And after all that, what do we get? 

Is it Doing too much? 

Is it Not enough of one or the other? 

Thinking about this too deep now? 

You can say that it’s asking you to remain balanced and not one dimensional, like solely powerlifting or bodybuilding, instead it’s asking the trainee to stay well rounded year to year.

Here’s what the personal trainers, Chiro, physio and other therapists from The Markham Gym advise if you’re slowly getting into Oly, powerlifting, bodybuilding, running or biking or some sport altogether. 

  1. Spread out your hard weight training days from one another
  2. Schedule in your cardio days in between training days
  3. Have recovery days in between that as well. This can be where you see your therapist, foam roll more, stretch, yoga, do a slow recovery run, ice bath and refeed your body. 
  4. Stay on top of your sleep
  5. Focus on getting enough calories/nutrition so you don’t go catabolic
  6. Don’t switch exercises and lifts too often. Find a way to stick to a program for several weeks at a time, even if it’s hybrid
  7. Still gotta gradually progressive overload: the weights, the runs, intensity, etc.

Stay tuned for more health fitness and nutrition blogs!

If you need help with coaching and personal training, feel free to contact The Markham Gym Trainers & team of therapists.

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