The Markham Gym wants to give you the best fitness advice for the year 2024
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The Markham Gym wants to give you the best fitness advice for the year 2024

The Markham Gym wants to give you the best fitness advice for the year 2024

Here it is,

When you love what you do, you will go further for it. 

The Markham Gym wants you to find that in fitness. While you think about that, we also want you to find a way to love things that you can see yourself getting better at.  

Do you see how we just both advanced to a new sentence break together as well? That’s because we’re making progress in reading this blog, together. And learning how to love something about fitness and progress, together. You see? Progress is fun! 

Therefore, (not brain washing you) 😇

Fitness is fun! Because watching you progress is fun!

For instance, when regular gym goers go to the gym, you’ll hear a lot about lifting weights and more of it, slowly, over time. That’s called “progressive overloading”, lifting more, increasing weights from 5 to 10 to 15. Level up. Getting stronger and making sure that we don’t stagnate/plateau. Although, it’s totally okay to maintain strength as well and not progressively overload. 

Seeing PROGRESS IS FUN you see 😁❤️

So when you take that same example, but instead you get stuck for months and years at the same level, it becomes less enjoyable 

Many people give up because they think: 

⬇️ Lifting just isn’t fun

⬇️ Its boring

⬇️ Not seeing results 

▶️ Enter S.M.A.R.T. goal planning 🆒 (what’s that? Keep reading)

✅ Getting stronger week to week (hitting PR’s) 

✅ Seeing changes in the mirror monthly

✅ Learning new strategies for nutrition & sustainability 

If you need help getting the unstuck and start enjoying fitness more we’re here to help 🫵 ❤️

Just make sure your goals are 

Specific (think small and detailed; 10 lbs fat loss?), 

Measurable (track your progress: daily food logs, exercise 3x week, record your weight and the exercise machine weight, aim for 1 lb fat loss weekly for example),

Achievable (what’s possible or sustainable, is this goal realistic in such a time frame? Be practical),


(Is it meaningful to you? How are these goals helping you? Remember to find your why),

Time (By when? Daily checklist, weekly quotas help)

Find more goals, repeat process! 

If you need help with coaching and personal training, feel free to contact The Markham Gym Trainers & team of therapists.

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