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Improving your Strict Pull Up Strength


A strict pull up requires dedication and hard work. However, strict pull-ups offer a great payoff as they directly help improve strength and stamina. A strict pull up is when you grab a pull-up bar and hang from it whilst extending your arms. Then pulling yourself up from within the ribs to reach the top of the position. Finish the rep by allowing your chin to break the horizontal plane of the pull up bar. Lastly, descend by backing down to the original dead hang position. Remember that your ribs should be staying down, while the body is being pulled towards the bar at the highest point of the movement.

Some things you can do to improve your Strict Pull-Ups;

1. Gain Strength:

To achieve a correct strict pull-up, you need to ensure that you have developed some pulling strength. This will help you move your body weight as you begin to perform the strict pull-ups. Remember that lifting weights is entirely different than lifting the mass of your body. To be able to life your body weight effectively, it requires patience and consistency. You can improve your pulling strength by regularly doing row variations or a combination of sweeping deadlifts.

2. Keep Tight on the Pull-Up Bar:

This is an important tip to improving your stance as it prevents your body from shifting into a weak position and reduces excess motion. You can do this by focusing on preventing your shoulders from rising towards your ears. Instead, keep your shoulders in a depressed neutral position. Keeping tight on your shoulders and back during the strict pull-up will also prevent injury and reduce the pressure from your joints or ligaments.

3. Lose Excess Fat:

Any additional fat that is present on your body will weigh you down and make the strict pull up feel that much harder. Getting leaner will allow you the ability to make the body-weight movements much easier.

4. Consistency

To master the strict pull-up, it is important that you are training consistently and managing your progress. If you are a beginner, you can start by doing exercises to strengthen your core. You can then move into doing 5 sets of 5 reps of the basic strict pull up. As you get better and gain more strength, you can increase your reps. Remember to start slow and get better consistently.