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The Benefits of CrossFit Kettlebell Training


1. Total Body Strength

Improving your overall strength is just as important as working on boosting your stamina and endurance. CrossFit Kettlebell workout routines are designed to increase your overall body strength. This is because kettlebells allow you hold the weight in various positions as opposed to the standard dumbbell.

A kettlebell training exercise you can do to improve strength is the Double Kettlebell Rack Squat. This exercise will focus on your hamstrings, glutes and core muscles. Begin by holding the kettlebells at a double rack position. Then move into a squat position by flexing the hips and knees. Remember that when holding the kettlebells you want to brace and focus on your abdominal and back muscles. When rising from the squat, push from your heels and lift your chest upwards.


2. Burn More Calories

Kettlebell training has been proven to be effective in burning off calories effectively. This is because Kettlebell training required you to move in different positions whilst using weights. This allows your stabilizer muscles to be put to work, which often aren’t activated during traditional weight training.

A kettlebell routine that you can do to burn more calories is the kettlebell swing. Begin by placing the kettlebell on the floor between your feet and remember to keep them shoulder width apart. Bend primarily at the hips to grasp the kettlebell and swing it back and forth between your legs, whilst bent over slightly. It is normal for your knees to bend a bit but prevent them from bending excessively.


3. Improved Balance

Consistently improving balance can be essential for athletes or any sports players. Ensuring that your body is balanced can help improve your performance as well as prevent injury. Kettlebell exercises require a wide range of motion and help stabilize your body, which improves overall balance.

You can improve your balance by doing a Bottoms Up Press. This requires you to hold the kettlebell upside down, so the weighted portion is at the top. Begin by holding a kettlebell in each hand at shoulder width. Raise the kettlebell upwards as if you were punching the sky. Begin by doing fewer reps and adding to the exercise, as you get more comfortable.