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Getting stronger!… but not growing?

Getting stronger!… but not growing

Getting stronger!… but not growing?

You’re getting strong but you’re not making great gains? It’s heavyweight yes, but are you stimulating your muscles or your joints?

You may be lifting with your ego!

Chasing numbers and going for personal records (PR) is fun and progressive overloading should be a focus on all programs BUT just moving heavy loads doesn’t mean overloading the muscles ?‍??


If you’re not getting great pumps, feel achy and aren’t making long term gains then you may be:

✏️ Sacrificing LOAD for range of motion (ROM) ~ if you double the weight but use have the ROM you’re doing the same work with greater joint stress. Create a program that incorporates increasing ROM and going for pumps & you’ll still be able to get PR’s this way

✏️ Doing too much work in the 1-5 Reps vs 6-30 Reps isn’t going to get you juicy and swole

✏️ Using momentum to move the weight, taking away stimulus from the muscle

✏️ Moving too much weight, that other muscle groups have to contribute, making it more difficult to target that focus muscle

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