Screwing up your diet? Then stop eating like an asshole!
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Screwing up your diet? Then stop eating like an asshole!

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Stop being that guy, and instead keep your diet and exercise programs and succeed with these 3 tips.


When it comes to dieting, I found that many of my clients always have some sort of b.s. excuse to eat like crap and mess with their goals. Look, there’s always gonna be an excuse, a holiday, a business meeting or even a quarantine perhaps. Maybe all the gyms in the world are going to be shut down too! The irony of these “excuses” … What’s really stopping you from accomplishing a goal you set out for yourself?
We tend to sit on our asses and think to ourselves:
“I will start tomorrow” “I’ll just do keto” “I will meal prep and do cardio” “I can’t eat anymore but I really want a bigger booty – ugh”

Do you really want to lose fat? Do you really want to lean bulk? Are you truly going to be disciplined this time? Why is that it’s so difficult to just stick to the program and stop eating like an asshole? Well I can’t really answer that for you, specifically, because everyone is different and I don’t know what you’re going through. However, here are somethings I have observed in my many years of experience training clients that ACTUALLY WORKS:


  1. Write out your goals on notepad, on paper, publicize it on social media, tell your friends and family. Record it in your diary/journal and make sure you have it in your agenda. In doing so, you will hold yourself accountable and guess what? By telling your loved ones or social media, you might just have to stick to it because it is now out there!
  2. Log your food everyday onto a notepad, myfitnesspal (app), take pictures of what you’re eating and send it to your coach and friends. This will help you on an hourly and daily basis to keep going.
  3. Find what motivates you! Movies, fitness pros, models, whatever it is that’s going to push you to stay on track. Once you do that, keep taking pictures of yourself on a daily basis and then weekly basis and you will quickly see that every 2 weeks there will be some small changes that will actually begin to motivate you!
  4. The simplest solution is to get a coach to do ALL OF THE ABOVE WITH YOU! Coaches are going to push you, be your friend and support you, check in on you, make sure you’re held accountable and see the result you want. Not sure? Ask for a free trial 🙂


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