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Markham parents, students, teachers and neighbours – September sometimes feels like a new year or a new chapter of our lives as school is starting, things get busy or just change. Ofcourse, it’s inevitable to have the world around us stop changing, especially in September, but your priorities to your own health and fitness should still be very high. If you were not active prior to September then read this, if you were somewhat or really active – then read about some of our tips to help you keep or start a routine that will lead a better, healthier you. Here are some of our tips for september coming up and fitness.


  1. Write down your health and fitness goals, find a gym or somewhere to be active and schedule exercise days according to your work/study life. For example, if you want to become stronger, more flexible and lose a few pounds of unwanted belly fat, then simply plan for it. Find the days and times which you are not so busy, go to the gym before school or before you buckle down and study for hours or hit the gym right before bed. Do a yoga flow every morning or night also works! Just make sure your goals are in line and don’t forget to give yourself a little pat on the back EVERY time you get an hour to exercise and be active – because, well, of course it’s hard to fit it into your schedule but you did it!

  2. Find a partner, schoolmate or a trainer to help you keep accountable and motivated to go exercise. A training partner or schoolmates may be a good idea to hold each other accountable and get active; Study together – train together!
    A personal trainer is another great idea and of course the best approach to successfully accomplish your fitness goals. Trainers are not just there to make you do push-ups! Trainers work with you according to your schedule, are flexible around your time and life but also help you stay accountable with appointments and setting daily goals for you. Personal training may be your best approach here during a busy school schedule and some of the fastest ways to overcome stress and find time may easily be combated with a trainer. At The Markham Gym, we work with students, parents and teachers schedules to make sure that they get and stay fit even though a new chapter and season is among us. We also help our clients continue training even when they’re not in the city; with online training and coaching, the same coach that was there for you since day 1 can now go to your off-shore campus via emails, skype and text! We will make sure your health and well-being goals are still a priority and that you are still following a program, whether it was a diet, exercise or flexibility program.

  3. Join extra-curricular events and programs or even try out for a sports team to get you moving and stay active. There are many different things you can choose from that will definitely get you moving, such as softball, soccer, dodgeball, running groups and more. Although they may not be completely in line with your goals, at least they are inducing physical activity, keeping you healthy and it makes you new friends! Whatever it is, just join and start moving those feet!

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