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Training when you are sick?!


Training when you are sick?!

Us trainers here at The Markham Gym hear it alot, “Should I still come to our session and workout even though I’m sick? Dying? A little under the weather?”

Well, the answer is hard to make! But let’s assume you’re on your deathbed – STAY HOME! If you’re sneezing and coughing – STAY HOME! Is it contagious? Maybe? – STAY HOME! And not only stay home, but focus on recovering, sleep, hydration and food. We do not mean for you to stay home and be active. Take the time to recover and get better 100% and then return. Don’t worry you won’t lose your progress, although you might be set back for a little and return a little
sluggish. BUT! That’s okay – at least you’ve recovered and didn’t get anyone else sick.

But what about sweating it off? Light Cardio? Sauna? – NO! STAY HOME! We love you and wish for you to workout but only when you’re healthy! You don’t want to contaminate others and the equipment right?

General rule is to understand yourself and it all really depends on the individual. If you’re a 10/10 sick – focus on recovery. But if you’re around 1-5/10 sick, it’s really just a mental thing and you can still workout pretty good. The benefits are, well you exercised, you increased your immune system and blood flow/oxygen delivery – so overall your health and recovery should get better – just wipe up after yourself. However, make sure you’re warm afterwards and not going outside with sweat all over you, for example, because you might get worse. Personally, if your symptoms are above the neck, including a sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, and tearing eyes, then it’s OK to exercise. If your symptoms are below the neck, such as coughing, body aches, fever, and fatigue, then it’s time to hang up the running shoes until these symptoms subside