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5 Exercises For Building Lean Muscle


1) Shoulder Press

Focusing your workouts around your shoulders can really enhance your physique and create a v-taper body shape. You should start with light weight and gradually increase this over time as you notice you are developing more muscle and gradually getting stronger. Try increasing the weight 5 to 10 pounds every two weeks to ensure you are still being challenged as well as continually getting stronger. Remember that the shoulder press will help you build lean muscle in your deltoids and it should be done safely. You should make sure that you are doing this workout safely by having proper technique and a tight grip on the barbell!

2) Lat Pull-down

Doing lat pull-downs regularly will guarantee building and strengthening lean muscle on your back as well as improving your posture. This exercise will help your back get more toned as it will help you lose excess fat. Do a wide grip lat pull-down by spacing your arms slightly further out than your shoulders. To make this more effective focus on squeezing the muscles in your back whilst doing this exercise. This exercise will also make your waist look smaller.

3) Lunges

Many people often forget the importance of doing lunges. This form of exercise will help strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and quads. This exercise is a great alternative to the traditional squats. Start by doing 2 sets of 10 reps each for each leg without weights. As your quads and hamstrings get stronger, you can start doing more sets. You may also choose to add ankle weights if you want to build leaner muscle. The ankle weights you choose should typically be upwards of 5 pounds to increase muscle mass.

4) Deadlifts

To increase lean muscle, performing the deadlifts properly is essential as it is a complete body workout. The movement works all the muscles if done correctly. For beginners, you may want to perform this movement by just using your bodyweight. As you become more comfortable with the movement you can slowly increase the load by adding weights. A proper deadlift will help minimize body fat and essentially transforming it into muscle.

5) Squats

Doing regular sets of squats can help you develop lean muscle. Once you become stronger you can alternate by doing goblet squats. This involves taking a dumbbell and holding it near your core. This will initiate muscle growth as it utilizes muscle movement in combination with weights.

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