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Cardio Training for Health


Cardio exercise is extremely important as it refers to the health of your heart. Cardio exercises can improve the function of your heart by making it easier for your body to pump blood from the heart all throughout your body. This will also make it easier for your lungs to get oxygenated.

When you are doing a cardio workout, it is important that you effectively pace yourself. This means that you should monitor your heart rate, time spent and even kilometers completed if you are running. To improve your cardio health start by taking small steps and increasing the intensity as your body becomes stronger and healthier. You can use various machines such as a treadmill, bicycle or even the stair-master to improve your cardiac health. Alternatively, you can jog during the summertime or spend even walking long distances can help improve your cardio. Try tracking your steps or kilometers walked everyday to start your goal setting,

Benefits of Cardio Exercises:

1. Improved Quality of Sleep

Getting good amounts of cardio daily will tire out your body, which will lead to restful sleep as your body will really take the time to recover and heal for the next day.

2. Minimize stress

Getting physical activity in general will help reduce stress as working out releases hormones that make you feel good such as cortisol as well as adrenaline. However, having a healthier heart will ensure that your body is able to handle more with minimal stress.

3. Lower The Risk Of Disease

Many people are prone to developing or inheriting diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol imbalances or even high blood pressure. Doing regular cardio exercises can help control and manage these issues. Cardio helps burn calories and regulate the heart, which is important to minimize the risk of diseases.

4. Losing Weight

If you are aiming to shed some extra pounds, doing cardio exercises is the answer for you. Try incorporating 30-40 minutes of cardio within your routine to help lose some excess weight. You start to incorporate cardio by simply going on a 20-minute jog before bedtime. This will help clear your head and also allow you sleep peacefully!

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