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Are you trying to get fit and In shape in Markham?

Get Fit and In Shape in Markham

Being fit doesn’t just mean lift weights for 1 hour & sit on the couch all day 🫵

What does it mean to be fit? Well, from the opinions of professional personal trainers and therapists from The Markham Gym, being fit is being able to move & not be out of breath. Your routine tasks should not fatigue you & you shouldn’t fear the stairs, or crash midday 🏃💪🤙

If you are getting TOO FOCUSED on one component of fitness like powerlifting only, you might be diminishing overall fitness 🥺

Some things that usually come about from that is feeling achy, unathletic, out of breath 🫥

Try to MAXIMIZE FITNESS & LONGEVITY while trying to become the strongest in the world & the most super jacked 🥳😎

Prioritize daily steps … the benefits of this is LIFE CHANGING, not just for cardiovascular or aesthetic gains. Try to get 8k steps up from your 2-4k steps/day…take walks, get moving while on the phone, jog, swim, lift, move, snorkel, tennis, ride a bike at YOUR OWN PACE 🚶‍♂️🏃

 Lift 3x/week ~ so that getting off the couch, going up the stairs, carrying your luggage isn’t difficult. It’s also great for making stronger bones, adding muscle & better blood sugar management 💪❤️

 Get away, take vacations & weekend trips BUT STAY ACTIVE ~ we already sit at home & work ~ Try to use vacations to get up & MOVE ~ EXPLORE 🏔️🚶‍♂️

 SLEEP is soooo underrated ~ great for cognition, body composition, strength 👍👍👍

TRACK YOUR SLEEP & strive for 6-8h 💤

 Maintain a healthy body composition ~ no need need to be SHREDDED to maximize health, but sustaining a healthy body composition will keep many health markers in a better spot ~ but don’t ask me ask your doc 😁🤓

If you want more info and help on how to get fit through food and fitness programs, ask for a personal trainer, here at The Markham Gym.

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