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How important is it to stretch?

How Important Is It To Stretch

Today, The Markham Gym wants to discuss flexibility, mobility, performance and stretching!

We will cover some topics about fitness and stretching. 

Like what type of Stretching should You do Before and after exercising.

Which type of stretch is best? And why? 

Let’s lessen these two types of stretching you should be doing before and after exercising. 

Dynamic & Static stretching 🧘‍♀️

When to do ’em & why 🙆‍♂️


are active movements that are not held but still cause muscles to stretch. These are often done to prepare your muscles for movement. Pairing this up with muscle activation technique makes for the best warm ups. For example, I love to do leg swings side to side & front to back for 20 reps before squats 💪

Dynamic stretching 5 to 10 minutes is probably enough for most activities. It’s important to adequately stretch all the muscles you’ll be using for the workout 🏋️

3️⃣ benefits of DYNAMIC stretching before a workout include:

1. Increased blood flow to your muscles prepares them for strenuous activity 🫀

2. Increasing flexibility & range of motion prior to training will increase flexibility & range of motion during your workout 👍

3. The above two lead to improved performance ~ blood flow, flexibility, & range of motion ~ in turn improve overall performance📈


After your workout you may be tempted to go straight into “relaxation” mode.. BUT don’t be so quick to sit back down & start scrolling through your phone 🧟‍♀️📱

3️⃣ benefits of STATIC stretching after you finish your workout, including:

1. Reducing pain & risk of injury. Muscles that stay tight after a workout are more prone to injury. Let’s reduce your chance of injury ya🫡

2. Gradual relaxation. It’s beneficial for both body & mind to gradually slow down. When you stretch after a workout you’re giving yourself the chance to gradually wind-down 🥵

3. Elimination of lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced when you work out. This substance can make muscles achy and tired. Stretching can help reduce the amount of lactic acid throughout your body 🕺🏻

ENJOY the clip of me performing static stretches for my client 💆🏻‍♀️

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