If You’re Working Hard and Not Seeing Results

From the words of a trainer, in Markham,

“If you’re working hard & not seeing results 

You might want to continue reading below.

I’ve been in the health, nutrition & fitness industry for over 10 years. I literally have a degree about health/ageing & several certificates to back up my statements. My MISSION is to make fitness & nutrition simple & sustainable.

So if you think that you can benefit from:

making training easier 

making meal prep easier 

making cooking easier

making tracking easier

making going out to eat easier 

making RESULTS easier 

making your LIFE easier 




💡I TEACH you how to utilize carb cycling as an easy lifestyle nutrition solution

💡I will create a CUSTOM macro plan & explain how it is completely unique to YOUR body, activity level and goals

💡I will work WITH you to create a plan so that it doesn’t feel like your dieting but still seeing RESULTS!

💡Daily ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure your workout is done with proper form through LIVE chat & unlimited email/text SUPPORT 

“You give a poor man fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime” 

Achieve sustainable results for life 👊”


With health,


Coach Baku 

From the Markham gym